Your energy is your most precious resource

2018-11-27 by Michaƫl Dupont

One day, soon after my first son was born, amidst acute sleep deprivation and general exhaustion, I had an epiphany: my energy is my most precious resource, it is finite, and I must spend it wisely.

Until then I was trying to do everything at once, at high level. The things I really need AND the things I merely want AND the things I only like. Despite an earlier burnout, I was under the impression it could be feasible.

That day, I finally understood it was neither feasible nor desirable. And without energy, I couldn't live, only barely survive.

I started to research the ways to maximize my quality of life while minizing the energy I'm spending. I started to get rid of the biggest energy sinks, of most of the likes, of several of the wants. Both physical (clothes, furniture, equipment...) and mental (projects, ideas..) items. Helped by online resources about minimalist lifestyle, I cleared space for what really matters.

If you don't know what you really need, making space for your needs helps seeing them more clearly.

You'll find out you don't need much. And that now you know your needs, you are free to focus on them, spending your energy wisely.